Chairman Majikes called the 89th Annual Business Meeting to order at 8:55 a.m.

ITEM 1 Chairman Majikes welcomed all of the representatives of the member schools and asked all present to please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Chairman Majikes followed by introducing District II Committee Member, Fred Barletta, who delivered both the invocation and the necrology. Chairman Majikes then reminded all of the schools to take their two student-athlete plaques, as well as their District & State Championship plaques, prior to leaving today.

ITEM 2 Chairman Majikes thanked all of the member schools for their cooperation during the past year in regard to hosting district championship events in all of the various sports. The cooperation of all of the member schools in District II is greatly appreciated.

ITEM 3 A motion was made by Russ Davis (AD – Hanover Area), seconded by Charlie Turco (AD-Pittston Area) to approve the minutes of the 2018 Annual Business meeting. Copies of those minutes were posted for review on the District II website and sent to all member schools prior to the meeting. All Ayes

ITEM 4 Pat Patte, District II Treasurer, gave the 2018 Treasurer’s Report. Our Total Expenses for the 2017-18 operating year were $352,142.06; while our Total Income for the same period of time was $325,645.85 – a loss of $26,999.21.

A motion was made by Ted Anderson (AD- Scranton), seconded by Andrew Snyder (Principal – Abington Heights) to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted. All Ayes

ITEM 5 Vice Chairman Bill King presented the Credentials Report informing the group that there were 41 High Schools and 44 Junior High Schools present at today’s District II Business Meeting. Mr. Majikes thanked Matt Himlin and Tony Modrovsky for their assistance in taking attendance and handling the credentialing process.

ITEM 6 Vice Chairman King introduced the 7 District II State Champions from the prior year:

·         Wyoming Seminary, A Field Hockey, Coach Karen Klassner.

·         Berwick, Payden Montana (Coach Bob Colarco), Girls Track and Field AAA Shot Put.

·         Berwick, Payden Montana (Coach Bob Colarco), Girls Track and Field AAA Javelin.

·         Wyoming Area, Marc Anthony Minichello (Coach Joe Pizano), Boys Track and Field AAA Javelin.

·         Scranton, Ky’ron Harbin (Coach Dave Powell), Boys Track and Field AAA Long Jump.

·         Wilkes-Barre Meyers, Nazir Dunell (Coach Hayden White), Boys Track and Field AA 110 Meter Hurdles.

·         Abington Heights, Kyle Burke (Coach Mid Ludka), Boys Track and Field AAA 1600 Meter Run.

ITEM 7 Chairman Majikes introduced Mark Byers, Chief Operating Officer of the PIAA, who discussed the following points:

·         Reviewed the Constitutional Amendment to be voted on at today’s meeting to Article X, Local Management and Control, Section F, to now read as follows: “To arrange the appropriate number of PIAA registered officials in good standing to officiate all regular season contests hosted by the Principal’s school”. This will replace the current language which requires that “all written contracts with officials must be signed by the Principal or by one Principal representing a conference or league.”

·         The PIAA Board of Directors has approved a change in Article VI Transfers, Residence, and Recruiting, Section 2 “Eligibility of Transfers”. Due to the timing difficulties in expeditiously obtaining necessary paperwork, of confirming representations of eligibility, of determining whether such transfers are opposed by any party, of promptly scheduling hearings to consider such matters, and to reduce the likelihood of participation by an ineligible student that would impact on competition and the opportunity to participate by other students, a student who transfers after the student practices with a school’s team shall be ineligible to participate in that sport in contests for a period of 21 calendar days following enrollment at the student’s new school. The student eligibility shall thereafter be determined by Sections 3 or 4 of this ARTICLE as applicable.

·         If a student in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade transfers before the student was eligible to participate in at least 50 % of the PIAA maximum number of Regular Season contests in that sport, the student is ineligible for participation in the postseason (District Championship tournaments and thereafter) in that same sport for the current school year.

·         If a student is in the 10th or 11th grade then said student is ineligible for participation in postseason in the District championships and thereafter in that same sport of the subsequent year.

·         If a student transfers after participating in a sport in their 10th grade year, or thereafter, and following completion of such season, transfers to another school, said student is ineligible for participation in the postseason (District championship tournament and thereafter) in that same sport for the subsequent school year. The student, if otherwise eligible, may participate in that sport only during the regular season. The District Committee may grant eligibility if certain situations are met.

·         The NFHS Field Hockey Committee voted to delay that the mandatory requirement for eye protection is to be permanently labeled with the ASTM 2713 standard until the 2020 season.

·         Volleyball uniform changes – the changes in uniform rules are a part of Rule 4-2, which reorganizes the uniform rules to improve understanding and eliminate solid colored uniform requirements. If your uniforms were legal in the 2018-19 school year they will remain legal.

·         Starting the 2020 spring sports season, baseballs must display “SEI certified” and “Meets NOCSAE Standard” – as well as the NFHS authenticating mark.

·         On a first reading to amendment to Article XVI of the PIAA by-laws, within 10 days prior to the start of each sports season, no student enrolled at a PIAA member high school may participate in any team competition on a team on which all other players and at least one coach are also affiliated with that student’s school.

·         The competition formula will be in effect in determining classification to start this fall with numbers to be submitted starting in October.

·         Amateur Status. Permissible Awards and Participation. The fair market value of items provided to any such student may not exceed $750. Additionally, a student and/or the student’s parents may accept monies for participation on National Teams or tryouts sponsored by NGB and NCAA Youth Development Camps.

·         There will be NCAA/NFHS basketball camps on the last two weekends of June at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. They will be team camps only.

·         6 students – 3 boys and 3 girls – are sponsored by the PIAA to attend the NFHS Student Leadership Summit in Indianapolis, Indiana from July 22-24, 2019.

·         As part of our Opioid Initiative, PIAA in conjunction with the Attorney General’s Office; PSBA and NFHS ran an opioid contest to select the student that produced the best 30 second Public Service Announcement of “Don’t Let Pain Become a Killer”. Ryan Mickey of the Penn Strafford High School Media Club was the winner and selected from over 50 entries. Emmett Dixon, Cedar Crest High School Media Club, was the runner up.

·         PIAA worked with the Special Olympics in sponsoring the Unified Sports Bocce Championships – held at the GIANT Center in Hershey on March 21, 2019. Champion was Bald Eagle Area High School and the runner up was Columbia High School.

ITEM 8 Dr. Bob Lombardi, Executive Director of the PIAA, then offered other comments and remarks highlighting the following points:

·         Thanked all District II schools for allowing the use of their facilities in this year’s PIAA Championship competition in various sports.

·         Reviewed updated language for registration of sports officials – registration with PIAA does not in any way limit or restrict the ability of officials to officiate sports at any level or for any entity including but not limited to intercollegiate, professional, recreational, AAU and other sports organizations.

·         Reviewed background certifications for sports officials and provisions for mandatory removal based upon current state law.

·         Reviewed a change to Article XV, Officials, Section 5, Recommendation of a Written Contract, to provide that PIAA member schools should enter into written (paper or electronic) contracts with the officials retained by the schools or assigned by an assignor to officiate regular season contests. The terms of such contracts must not violate the PIAA Constitution and By-Laws, Policies and Procedures and Rules and Regulations. Registered sports officials are independent contractors and, therefore, are NOT employees of PIAA, the schools or the assignor.

·         Reviewed a change to the stipulated establishment of a policy regarding regular season contest officials’ fees, to provide that the PIAA has no involvement in the establishment of regular season contest officials’ fees and decision of timely payment based upon school district payment policies. It is recommended not mandated to utilize either an electronic or paper contract to verify the proper number of officials are assigned to each athletic contest.

·         It is required to have a registered PIAA track and field official to act as a starter/meet official at all regular season cross country meets and invitationals.

·         The scoring of teams in regular season dual meets for cross country meets has been changed to allow for scoring if the minimum number of runners do not participate. This is only for the regular season.

·         The NHFS football rules committee approved a 40 second play clock for senior high football next season. The clock is to be started when the ball is declared dead by an official. This will assist in consistent enforcement of the ready for play and timing between plays. If you have a 25 second clock it will need to be programmed for both 25 and 40 seconds. 25 seconds will still be used in certain circumstances. If no play clock, officials will keep time on field as usual.

·         Please talk to your coaches about discussing with players to become sports officials and also to reel in verbal abuse at officials during contests. Verbal abuse is the #1 reason given by officials nationwide as to why we are losing current officials and not attracting new sports officials.

·         Please contact the PIAA Office if you are interested in the Pixellot Program.

·         There is a potential bill being developed in the House of Representatives by Representative Conklin (D- State College) addressing public and private schools competing for PIAA Championships. Last week Rep. Conklin stated he has changed the language from mandate of separate championships to allow the PIAA to do it. The Catholic Conference has indicated they will challenge any change to the 1972 legislation and will also challenge legally in court if necessary.

ITEM 9 Chairman Majikes announced that the ballots have been collected and tabulated on the proposed amendment to Article X, Local Management and Control, Section 2, Powers and Duties of Principal. The final vote as cast by member schools at today’s meeting was 74 Ayes and 2 Nays.

ITEM 10 Following his presentation, Bob Lombardi addressed a number of questions from the member schools.

·         He reviewed with the group the variance in the pitch count regulations. In regular season contests, a pitcher may not exceed 100 pitches prior to facing a new batter. In the post season, that number is increased to 105.

·         Explained that the classification system, beginning with the new cycle next fall, will also reflect a school’s post season success number. Bob explained that an initial classification based on student enrollment will be developed and then the post season success number will be applied as well resulting in a final classification for that sport.

·         There will be no changes in the CIPPE for the upcoming school year.

·         Bob will contact Safe Schools in an attempt to clarify if the Safe Schools Component will qualify to meet the current coaches’ requirements regarding concussion/cardiac education.

ITEM 11 Chairman Majikes addressed the member schools and asked if they had any questions resulting in the following discussion–

·         Scott Gower (AD- Scranton Prep) asked if consideration would be given to apply an additional factor in the power rating system in determining eligibility for district playoffs. Currently, in classifications of 8 or less schools, all schools qualify for their playoffs regardless of power rating. In classifications of more than 8, the top 8 and any other school with an overall record of .500 also qualify. Scott asked if consideration could be given to determining a “qualifying” power rating score in order to qualify. Chairman Majikes explained that the District would certainly welcome and consider recommendations from the Wyoming Valley Conference and Lackawanna League on this matter.

·         Joe Gilhool (AD- Montrose) asked for clarification regarding the process of selecting the PSBA representative to the District II Committee. Chairman Majikes responded that the District II Committee does not have a say in that process. Each PSBA Region calls for school board members from the school districts in their region to apply through PSBA for the seats on the local district committees. Interested board members were required to complete and submit an application of interest by March 15th. The various PSBA regions then make recommendations to the State PSBA Committee for approval of those recommendations.

ITEM 12 Chairman Majikes asked member schools if there were any questions of

the various sports’ chairs regarding their sport. There were no questions asked at this time.

ITEM 13 Chairman Majikes called upon Bob Lombardi to conduct the Election of Committee members for the 2019-2020 academic year.

A motion was made by Mike Namey (AD-Wilkes-Barre Meyers), seconded by Charlie Turco (AD-Pittston Area), to maintain the current slate of committee members. All Ayes

A motion was made by Cliff Jones (AD-Wilkes-Barre Coughlin), seconded by Simon Peters (AD- Wilkes-Barre GAR), to close the nominations. All Ayes

The current committee members will be retained.

ITEM 14 A motion was made by Joe Pizano (AD-Wyoming Area), seconded by Matthew Mills (AD-Northwest Area), to adjourn the 2019 Annual District II Business Meeting. All Ayes

Meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Ognosky, District II Secretary