Meeting was convened at 2:00 p.m. by Chairman Majikes

ITEM 1            Chairman Majikes called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. 

                        Absent but accounted for: Don Kanavy, Ray Lowery, James Marcks, Tony Rusnak, Ross Scarantino, Mike Costanza, Phil Cappellini, Rich Walton, Don Rogers

                        Advisors Present:  Phil Latinski

ITEM 2            A motion was made by Danielle DiPietro, seconded by Frank Galicki, to approve the minutes of the January 17, 2007meeting.  All Ayes

ITEM 3            Frank Victor presented the Treasurer’s report.  Focus of today’s review was on the financial statement regarding the 2006 District II Football Championships.  The report reflects a total receipts of $130,632; expenses of $39,308, resulting in a net income of $91,424.  Of that net income, a total of $42,878 was distributed to District II participating schools.

                        A motion was made by Joe Lalli, seconded by Maureen Williams, to approve the treasurer’s report as submitted.  All Ayes

ITEM 4            Chairman Majikes updated the committee on his most recent correspondence with Market Street, Inc.  Market Street is the promotional agency that has recently been approved by the PIAA State Office to assist in the promotion of District and State Championships.  Representatives from Market Street will be at our March meeting to discuss potential initiatives.   

ITEM 5            Chairman Majikes reported on an incident at the February 6, 2007 boys’ basketball game involving District II teams from Wyoming Area and Wilkes-Barre GAR.  During the course of the game, an altercation occurred that resulted in the ejection of one player from each team for fighting.  After discussion, the committee requested that the investigation remain open and directed the Chairman to contact both schools in an attempt to procure game films, scorebooks, etc. to assist in the investigation.  Chairman Majikes will report back to the committee and future discussions will be held prior to a final determination of action by the District II Committee regarding the incident.

ITEM 6            Danielle DiPietro, Track and Field Chairperson, shared with the committee a letter received from the Lackawanna League Track and Field Coaches.  The letter requests that the Track and Field Committee review the current status of the varsity and junior varsity championships and offers suggestions to be considered.  After discussion, it was determined that the Track and Field Committee will meet to discuss the suggestions and make a recommendation to the committee.  The suggestions will also be shared with the LIAA and WVC committees for their input. 

ITEM 7Chairman Majikes shared with the committee a number of recent articles that have been written regarding the possibility of ‘split’ championships for private and public schools in Pennsylvania.  The PIAA State Board of Directors has approved the formation of a task force to investigate competitive equity issues regarding private schools at the suggestion of the District I Chairman, Rod Stone.

ITEM 8            Chairman Majikes presented a letter he received recently from Joseph G. Casciano, Scranton Diocesan Superintendent for Catholic Education, informing the District II Committee that a final decision has been made regarding the future of the six Catholic high schools in Luzerne and Lackawanna County.   Bishop Hoban, Bishop Hafey, Bishop O’Reilly and Seton Catholic will become one Catholic High School in Luzerne County (Holy Redeemer) and Bishop Hannan and Bishop O’Hara will become one Catholic High School in Lackawanna County (Holy Cross).  The letter also explains that the Diocese is committed to providing a full athletic schedule for the 2007-08 school year.   

ITEM 9            Chairman Majikes also presented the committee with the current enrollments of the Wyoming Valley Conference member schools.

ITEM 10          Chairman Majikes updated the committee on the issue regarding the changes in the transfer rule as proposed by District VII that were discussed at the December meeting.  After receiving input from across the state following the approval of the first reading, the original proponents of the change from District VII, will review the proposal and consider the suggestions received.  An ad hoc committee of the State Board has been appointed to assist in that review.

ITEM 11          Chairman Majikes shared with the committee correspondence between Sam Smith, State Representative of the 66th District, and Brad Cashman, Executive Director of the PIAA, regarding Mr. Smith’s concerns over potential recruiting by private schools. 

ITEM 12          Chairman Majikes reviewed the January 25, 2007 PIAA State Office news release that discussed the following actions taken by the PIAA Board of Directors at their January 25, 2007 meeting:

§         At the request of the Football Steering Committee, the Board voted to refer to each PIAA District Committee a request for input as to the possibility of amending the starting and ending dates for the football season;

§         At the request of the District VII/WPIAL Committee, the Board formed a task force to investigate possible revisions to the rule governing the eligibility of students who transfer to another school;

§         The Board directed the administrative staff to further develop a proposal to permit wheelchair-bound athletes to participate in interscholastic track and field competition;

§         The Board discussed matters relating to participation of public and private schools in interscholastic competition and, at the request of the District I Committee, directed the administrative staff to explore options to ensure competitive equity for all member schools; and

§         At the request of the Field Hockey Steering Committee, the Board agreed to forward to the national rules making body (NFHS) a proposal that would prohibit the use of a field hockey stick above the shoulder.

ITEM 13          A motion was made by Tom Jenkins, seconded by Mike Ognosky, to approve the eligibility of David Rejmer, Poland to Delaware Valley, in accordance with Article VII, Foreign Exchange and International Students, of the PIAA By-Laws.  All Ayes


                        a.)  Football (Tom Jenkins):  Tom Jenkins reviewed recent correspondence he received from Attorney Jerry Grimaud, Tunkhannock, regarding the possibility of reestablishing the tradition of Thanksgiving Day football games.  Tom informed the committee that, in his response, he explained that member schools may request the opportunity to play a 12th scheduled football contest and that contest can be held on Thanksgiving Day.  All schools may schedule a 12th contest (does not count any PIAA playoff games although it would count Eastern Conference playoff games) by placing that request in writing to the District II Committee.

                        b.) Basketball:  (Frank Victor):  Frank Victor explained that the upcoming District II basketball playoffs are all set. 

ITEM 15          A motion was made by Dino Galella, seconded by Bill King, to adjourn the meeting.  All Ayes

Meeting was adjourned at 3:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Ognosky

Mike Ognosky

District II Secretary