Meeting was convened at 4:00 p.m. by Chairman Majikes

ITEM 1            Chairman Majikes called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. 

                        Absent but accounted for: Don Kanavy, Bill King, Ray Lowery, Jim Marcks, Tony Rusnak, Jim Sabatini, Mike Costanza, Phil Cappellini

                        Advisors Present:  Phil Latinski, Delores Dalickas

ITEM 2            A motion was made by Tom Jenkins, seconded by Bob Okrasinski, to approve the minutes of the January 19, 2006 meeting.  All Ayes

ITEM 3            Frank Victor presented the Treasurer’s report.  As of 2/15/2006 there is a total fund balance of $134,878.37, $64,054.72 is located in Certificates of Deposit and $70,823.65 in our total savings and checking accounts.  Frank Victor also released the final figures from the 2005 football playoffs. Game receipts totaled $75,679.00 and, following expenses, a net income of $47,269.00 was realized.  The District then distributed a total of $29,593.00 in shares to member schools who participated in the playoffs.

                        A motion was made by Jim Higgins, seconded by Tom Finan, to approve the treasurer’s report as submitted.  All Ayes

ITEM 4            Chairman Majikes reported to the committee the results of a recent ejection of a junior high basketball coach at Wyoming Area.  In the Athletic Director’s absence from school, the coach participated in the next game in conflict with PIAA rules.  Upon the Athletic Director’s return, he brought the situation to the attention of his administration and the coach was immediately suspended for the next game and the result of the game in which he did participate became a forfeit. 

A motion was made by Ross Scarantino, seconded by Maureen Williams, to commend the Wyoming Area administration, including the Athletic Director, for the correction of this situation and the immediate and appropriate attention it was given.  All Ayes           

ITEM 5            Mike Ognosky offered a clarification of the recent classification conflict

involving Northwest Area boys’ basketball.  Northwest Area was correctly classified as an “A” school in the 2004-05 season and will remain as an “A” school in the 2005-06 season.  Northwest had originally been classified as a “AA” school for the current two year cycle and, following the acceptance of West Side Tech as a PIAA school sponsoring basketball that classification was changed to “A” reflecting the changed enrollment.

ITEM 6            Chairman Majikes reviewed the PIAA State Office stance on the proposed requirement of background checks to be completed by all registered sports officials.  The PIAA certainly understands the importance of background checks for individuals who may have the opportunity to work in one-on-one situations with students, but sports officials certainly don’t fall into that category.  The PIAA will be adding a question on their current application that requires an individual to identify if they have been guilty of a felony and will continue to collaborate with the legislature on the issue. 

ITEM 7Reminder to all committee members that the next few meeting dates are as follows:  Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 4:15 p.m. at the Wilkes-BarreVocational-Technical School; Wednesday, April 12, 2006 at 4:15 p.m. at the Wilkes-Barre Vocational-Technical School; and, Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 4:00 p.m. at the Pittston Convention Center.  The April 19th meeting is the Annual Business meeting and will be followed by the Banquet at 6:00 p.m.

ITEM 8            Chairman Majikes reviewed a PIAA News Release regarding the forfeit by Richland Senior High School in the recent PIAA Team Wrestling Championships.  Richland had used an ineligible wrestler in the District VI competition.    

ITEM 9            Chairman Majikes reviewed the PIAA “Official Ball Adoptions” for the 2006-07 through 2009-2010 seasons.  These “official balls” are required to be used in all district and state level competitions.  Member schools may continue to elect to participate with the NFHS-approved ball of their own choice during regular season contests.  The following “official balls” were selected:

                        Tennis:                                    Outdoor                       Wilson T1001

                                                            Indoor                          Wilson T1003

                        Basketball:                  Girls                            Baden Perfection Elite BX6E

                                                            Boys                            Baden Perfection Elite BX7E

                        Volleyball:                  Girls                            Baden Perfection VX5E

                                                            Boys                            Baden Lexum 15-0CM

                        Football:                                                         Wilson GST F1003

                        Baseball                                                          Wilson – A1010BPRORPEN

                        If member schools have any questions they should be directed to Melissa Nash Mertz, Assistant Executive Director of the PIAA, the designated media contact.

ITEM 10          Chairman Majikes reviewed the proposed state qualifiers for the 2006-07

and 2007-08 boys’ and girls’ basketball playoffs and highlighted that,

under the current proposal, the “AAAA” classes will revert back to only

one qualifier in both boys’ and girls’ for the District II/IV sub regional.  For the past two years of this cycle we have had two qualifiers in “AAAA”.  Chairman Majikes will continue discussions with District III on the possibility of adding another qualifier for District II “AAAA” for the 2006-07 and 2007-08 cycle.

ITEM 11          The committee held a lengthy discussion on the current fee schedule for game managers, assistant game managers, ticket collectors, ticket sellers, scorers, timers, announcers and trainers for all district events.  A standard set of fees was established across all sports.

                        A motion was made by Joe Lalli, seconded by Frank Galicki, to approve the fees schedule as submitted.  All Ayes

ITEM 12          Frank Victor reviewed the District II current fees for radio and television rights to broadcast District II games:

                        Radio                          $75/game                                 All Rounds

                        Television (live)         $750/game                               All Rounds

                        Television (delay)       $300/game                               All Rounds

                        In order to qualify for the delay rate the game delay broadcast must start at least 6 hours after the scheduled start of the contest.

ITEM 13          Chairman Majikes updated the committee on the responses of Susquehanna Community School and Blue Ridge High School following the action of reducing their girls’ basketball schedules from 24 to 23 games for the 2006-2007 season.  Letters were sent to both schools and Chairman Majikes reviewed Susquehanna Community School’s response to the letter.  As of this meeting, he had not received a response from Blue Ridge.  Both schools participated in a girls’ game this year one day prior to the PIAA established first legal playing date.  The deadline of March 15th has been established for a school response on the issue.


                        a.)  Football (Tom Jenkins):  Tom Jenkins reviewed the changes in the proposed brackets for the state playoffs for the next two year cycle of 2006 and 2007.  District II would participate in one sub regional playoff (AAAA) and would hold their own championships in A, AA and AAA.  There is also an additional week for playoffs in next year’s schedule.  The tentative brackets will allow for the following participation:

Class A:  4 of the 7 teams will qualify for the district playoffs

                        Class AA:  8 of the 15 teams will qualify for the district playoffs

                        Class AAA:  4 of the 10 teams will qualify for the district playoffs

                        Class AAAA: 2 of the 7 II/IV teams will qualify for the sub regional involving Districts II/IV/XI and there will be two additional wildcards.

                        b.) Wrestling:  Chairman Majikes announced that the Junior High Wrestling tournament has been rescheduled for Saturday, February 18th and Monday, February 20th.

                        c.) Swimming (Jim Higgins):  Jim Higgins distributed the swimming district format that has been distributed to all Athletic Directors for the upcoming district meets.  Diving Championships will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2006;   Swimming Championships will be held on Friday, March 3, 2006 and Saturday, March 4, 2006.  Site for both events will be the Wilkes-Barre CYC.  Member schools are reminded to utilize “Direct Athletics” to submit online entries and that directions are located on the last three pages of the packet.

                        d.) Tennis (Joe Lalli):  Joe Lalli notified the committee that the tennis preparations for the boys’ championships in the spring are all set. Information will be distributed at the appropriate time.

                        e.) Golf (Tony Rusnak):  Chairman Majikes informed the committee that at the last PIAA Board of Directors meeting Team Golf Championships were approved and will begin in the upcoming fall season.  In the near future dates and locations will be established for regional events that will be held for teams to qualify for the state championships to be held at Heritage Hills Golf Resort and Conference Center on October 23 and 24, 2006. 

ITEM 15          A motion was made by Mike Ognosky, seconded by Frank Galicki, to approve application by Bishop Hannan and Bishop O’Hara for a cooperative agreement in Track and Field.  All Ayes

ITEM 16          A motion was made by Mike Ognosky, seconded by Frank Victor, to table (in the absence of the soccer chairperson) a motion to add a Co-ed Junior High Soccer Championship beginning in the fall of 2006.  All Ayes

ITEM 17          Chairman Majikes reviewed a number of items from the last PIAA Board of Directors meeting including: