Meeting was convened at 4:00 p.m. by Chairman Majikes

ITEM 1            Chairman Majikes called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. 

                        Absent but accounted for:  Don Kanavy, Phil Cappellini, Tom Finan, Tony Rusnak, Frank Victor, James Marcks, Ross Scarantino, Maureen Williams

                        Advisors Present:  Don Rogers (District II Solicitor), Jim Sabatini, Phil Latinski

                        LIAA Representatives Present:  Joe Gilhool, Tom Wolfe, Tom Nageli, Jack Kelly, Patrick Heaton

ITEM 2            Chairman Majikes introduced the members of the LIAA Golf Committee that were asked to attend today’s meeting as requested by the District II Committee at their May meeting.  The purpose of the request was to provide the District II Committee additional information regarding the scheduling of the 2007 District II Golf Championships at Scranton Municipal Golf Course rather than Elmhurst Country Club as had been requested by the LIAA.  Please let it be noted that District II Golf Chairman Tony Rusnak informed District II Chairman Frank Majikes earlier in the day that he would be unable to attend today’s meeting due to work commitments.  Chairman Majikes began the discussion by reviewing the May minutes regarding this situation and then asked the LIAA representatives present if they would like to offer additional information.  All LIAA members present offered information in regard to situation.  They explained to the committee that they realize it is a District II decision as to the selection of the tournament site, but all felt strongly that the District II Golf Chairperson had misrepresented the situation to the District II Committee.  District II Committee members present explained the facts as they had been told at the March meeting:  Elmhurst would not provide a rain date, had aeration schedules to meet with their course, could not guarantee practice rounds and had league schedules that might interfere with the tournament.  LIAA members explained that those factors had been mitigated and Elmhurst was prepared to meet all of the requirements of the District II Committee.

                        At the conclusion of the discussion, a motion was made by Mike Ognosky, seconded by Bill King, to rescind the motion made at the May 16, 2007 meeting placing the district tournament at Scranton Municipal Golf Course.  All Ayes

A motion was made by Mike Ognosky, seconded by Bill King, that District II Chairperson Frank Majikes would contact Elmhurst Country Club officials and offer the opportunity to host the 2007 District II Individual Golf Championships.  District II Chairperson Frank Majikes would also meet with representatives of Scranton Municipal Golf Course to discuss the events that led to the selection of Elmhurst as the site.  All Ayes

ITEM 3            A motion was made by Tom Jenkins, seconded by Ray Lowery, to approve the minutes of the May 16, 2007 meeting as submitted. All Ayes

ITEM 4            In Frank Victor’s absence, the presentation of the Treasurer’s Report was waived.       

ITEM 5            Chairman Majikes offered congratulations to Ray Lowery upon his appointment as the PIAA-PSBA school board representative to the PIAA District II Committee for a term to run from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2009.  Congratulations, Ray!  Congratulations were also offered to Dallas Area Superintendent Frank Galicki and his Girls’ Spring Soccer AA State Champions.

ITEM 6            A motion was made by Tom Jenkins, seconded by Frank Galicki, to accept the 2007 District II Boys’ Volleyball Championship Financial Report as submitted by District II Volleyball Chairperson Maureen Williams.  All Ayes 

ITEM 7Chairman Majikes presented the committee with a report on the status of the PIAA Strategic Planning Committee.  As part of his review, he presented the minutes of the May 23, 2007 meeting held in Chambersburg, Pa.  Items discussed included (1) the shortening of the maximum length of the winter sports Regular Season by one week and reducing the maximum number of Regular Season Contests in the sports of bowling, wrestling, swimming and diving, and basketball; (2) reducing the maximum number of Regular Season Contests in the sports of boys’ tennis, boys’ volleyball, and girls spring soccer, and increasing the maximum number of Regular Season Contests in Lacrosse; (3) reducing the maximum number of Regular Season Contests in the sports of golf, girls’ tennis, girls’ volleyball and water polo, field hockey, and soccer; (4) continuing the discussion of possible means of further reducing the overlap between the current 16 weekend combined football Regular Season and Postseason, and the initial weeks of winter sports Regular Season.

ITEM 8            Chairman Majikes distributed the schedule for the Summer Workshop meetings to the various chairpersons assigned to each sport.  Workshops are scheduled for June 10th, June 20th and June 21st at the PIAA State Offices in Mechanicsburg.

ITEM 9            Chairman Majikes presented the committee information on the current discussion to eliminate the use of aluminum bats in baseball and softball competition.  He presented to the committee an article from the June 7th edition of the Philadelphia Daily News as well as a copy of House Bill 1482 (Baseball and Softball Bat Safety Act) which would prohibit the use of non wooden bats in baseball and softball.

ITEM 10          Chairman Majikes updated the committee on the status of the transfer rule proposal currently being considered by the PIAA.  At the May 23, 2007 PIAA Board of Directors meeting, the PIAA District VII/WPIAL Committee representatives recommended to the State Board that it refer those proposed amendments to the Transfer Rule to the PIAA Parents’ Advisory Committee, the PIAA Coaches’ Advisory Committee, the PIAA Girls’ Athletics Steering Committee, the PIAA Junior High/Middle Schools’ Steering Committee, the PIAA Private Schools’ Steering Committee, and the PIAA Athletic Directors’ Steering Committee for their consideration and review.  The PIAA Board of Directors unanimously voted to accept the recommendation of the PIAA District VII/WPIAL Committee to refer, for further consideration and review, those proposed amendments to the Transfer Rule back to the Ad Hoc Transfer Rule Committee, which will reconvene at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 26, 2007.

ITEM 11          Chairman Majikes presented to the committee a report from Erik Larson, Athletic Director of Carbondale Area, regarding an incident that occurred at the Mt. View-Carbondale league baseball game played on April 26, 2007 and the measures that have been put in place by the Carbondale administration to prevent a reoccurrence of such an incident at the PIAA District II Baseball semifinal between those same two schools.

ITEM 12          Chairman Majikes presented two articles from the Pittsburgh Post – Gazette regarding the potential move of the Pittsburgh city schools (currently District VIII) into District VII/WPIAL.

ITEM 13          Chairman Majikes presented a letter from Kevin Kodish, Girls’ Basketball Coach at Lewistown Area High School, to Raymond Wotkowski, District VI Chairman, expressing strong concern over the proposed changes to the winter sports season- particularly the basketball season.

ITEM 14          Chairman Majikes presented correspondence to the committee regarding the Boys’ Tennis Championships that was received from Jerry Pickard (Tennis Coach at Valley View) and Jerry Fulmer (Tournament Manager of the Boys’ Tennis Tournament).  After a lengthy discussion, the committee instructed Chairman Majikes to contact Jerry Fulmer in order to discuss those concerns and to report back to the committee at a future meeting.

ITEM 15          A motion was made by Joe Lalli, seconded by Danielle DiPietro, to approve the District II Girls’ Spring Soccer Championships report as submitted by Soccer Chairperson Ray Lowery.  All Ayes

                        Ray offered special thanks to Irv DeRemer, Tom Rokita and Dave Mattes for their assistance with the District and State Tournament games.  Also, he thanked College Misericordia and Lake-Lehman for the use of their fields.

ITEM 16          A motion was made by Tom Jenkins, seconded by Mike Ognosky, to accept the District Track Financial Report reflecting the income received for the 2007 Championships as submitted by District Track Chairperson, Danielle DiPietro.  All Ayes

ITEM 17          Chairman Majikes explained to the committee that there are a number of items that will require a July meeting including potential student eligibility hearings.  He will review the availability calendars of committee members and contact the committee with a date as soon as possible.

ITEM 17          A motion was made by Ray Lowery, seconded by Frank Galciki to adjourn the meeting.  All Ayes

Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Ognosky

Mike Ognosky

District II Secretary