Meeting was convened at 4:15 p.m. by Chairman Majikes

ITEM 1 Chairman Majikes called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m.

Absent but accounted for: Don Kanavy, Danielle Adams, Mike Costanza, Frank Galicki, Mike Ognosky, James Marcks, Bill King, Vito Quaglia and Jay Starnes

Advisors Present: Don Rogers (District II Solicitor) and Marty Lawler

ITEM 2 Chairman Majikes began the meeting by asking for a moment of silence in memory of the following: Rich Notari, retired Athletic Director of Old Forge; Mrs. Lowery, mother of former District II Committee member Ray Lowery; and, Mrs. Joseph Frank, mother-in-law of current District II Committee member Mike Costanza.

Chairman Majikes also welcomed Mr. Pat Sheehan, Principal of Western Wayne High School, to the District II Committee.

ITEM 3 A motion was made by Tom Jenkins, seconded by Pat Patte, to approve the minutes of the May 24, 2011 meeting as submitted. All Ayes

ITEM 4 Frank Victor, District II Treasurer, presented the Treasurer’s Report. He indicated his is working on the spring championship reports and will have a detailed report for the July meeting. Also discussed was a concern regarding the distribution of money back to the schools who participated in the 2011 Basketball playoffs. This issue will be addressed in detail at the July meeting.

ITEM 5 Chairman Majikes reviewed a proposal presented to the District II Committee by Bob Ide, Sports Director of Fox 56 and WQMY-TV. Bob asked that District II consider lowering its fees for the broadcast rights to District II Championship events. He provided a packet of information from District III, District IV and District V as a comparison of prices. Chairman Majikes asked that the committee members review the material provided in preparation for a discussion and vote in July.

ITEM 6 Chairman Majikes led a discussion regarding the problems that arose during the spring championships in regard to the availability and distribution of medals in various championships. Many of the sports did not have their medals available to them at the time of their championship events. This resulted in many, many athletes not receiving medals. Even at this late date, there are still a number of athletes that have not received their championship medals. There will be a discussion on the matter at the July meeting. In the meantime, it is still being determined as to which schools have yet to receive medals. If you have not received your spring championship medals please contact Chairman Majikes immediately so that the situation can be remedied.

ITEM 7Chairman Majikes led a discussion on the proposal to raise the entrance fee for individuals in the District II Championships from $7 to $10. This would affect all sports in which member schools pay a fee for individual entrants, for example, tennis, golf, cross country, etc. After discussion, it was decided to table this item until the July meeting.

ITEM 8 Chairman Majikes led a discussion on the continuation of District II sponsorship of Junior High Championship events. Chairman Majikes reviewed all of the feedback that he received from member schools and thanked them for their input on the matter. Following discussion, a motion was made by Pat Patte, seconded by Joe Farrell, to discontinue the practice of District II sponsorship of Junior High Championships. 7 Ayes, 3 Nays.

ITEM 9 Chairman Majikes then reviewed with the committee members present the agenda of the recently conducted PIAA Board of Directors’ meeting held on Wednesday, May 25th and Thursday, May 26th. You can find a summary of the actions taken at that meeting by going to and then clicking on the resources page at the top. Scroll down and click on “news” and on the news page you will see “Summary of PIAA Board of Directors’ Actions at its Meeting of Wednesday, May 25th and Thursday, May 26th.” Click on that story and you will find the information.

ITEM 10 Chairman Majikes reviewed the schedule for the upcoming Spring Workshops to be held at the PIAA State Offices. Committee members present also discussed the 2011 Business Meeting format.

ITEM 11 A motion was made by Bill Schoen, seconded by Tom Jenkins, to approve the immediate eligibility of Brenden Wahl, North Pocono to Old Forge, in accordance with Article VI, Section 4, of the PIAA By-Laws on Transfers, Residence, and Recruiting. All Ayes

ITEM 12 Chairman Majikes presented “thank you” notes to the Board received from Sarah Brozena and Jimmy Kopec, recent winners of the PIAA District II Scholar/Athlete Awards, from Wyoming Valley West High School.

ITEM 13 Chairman Majikes reviewed a request from a member school asking that the District II Committee address an internal issue that has developed in that school’s athletic program. After discussion, the request was denied as internal school matters are not within the jurisdiction of the PIAA District Committee.

ITEM 14 A motion was made by Jim Higgins, seconded by Gerald Grimaud to adjourn the meeting. All Ayes

Meeting was adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Ognosky

Mike Ognosky

District II Secretary