Meeting was convened at 4:30 p.m. by Chairman Majikes

ITEM 1            Chairman Majikes called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m. 

ITEM 2            Absent but accounted for:  Joe Lalli, Ross Scarantino, Jim Marcks, Frank Galicki, Bill King and Vito Quaglia

                        A motion was made by Tom Jenkins, seconded by Jim Higgins, to approve the minutes of the April 15, 2009 Meeting.  All Ayes

ITEM 3A motion was made by Jay Starnes, seconded by Jeff Gregory, to approve the minutes of the April 22, 2009 Annual Business Meeting.  All Ayes

ITEM 4            District II Treasurer, Frank Victor, presented the Treasurer’s Report.  He reported that there were no changes in the budget from the presentation at the April Business Meeting.  Spring sports’ reports will begin to come in shortly and a final budget presentation will be forthcoming at the next meeting.

ITEM 5            Winter Sports Workshops Reports:

§         Basketball (Frank Victor):  Frank reported that the format for the play-in games in the State Basketball Tournament will remain the same for 2009-2010, the second year in the two year cycle.  All District II teams will be the visiting team and travel.  Frank also reported that many districts in the state are now following the state format of boys’ and girls’ games in different classifications on the same night.  District II is one of the last districts to play boys and girls on different nights in the district playoffs.

§         Swimming (Jim Higgins):  Jim reported that there were no major developments as a result of the winter sports’ workshop.

§         Wrestling (Jay Starnes):  Jay reported that the seeding for the state tournament will be conducted after the regional competition is completed.  In the past, District III has not been in a regional competition and was able to scout their state opponents on the following weekend.  They will be unable to do so with this change in seeding practices.


§         Boys’ Tennis (Mike Ognosky):  A change in the District team competition format will be put in place for both boys’ and girls’ tennis in the next competition cycle in 2010-2012.  There will be 8 teams involved in the district team championships.  Next year’s format will be the last of the 4 team formats.

§         Track (Danielle Adams):  A discussion was held regarding a number of concerns regarding both the Junior High and Varsity District Championship formats.  The Track Committee will investigate the possibility of conducting the Junior High Championships at an alternative site to Hanover Area and will also investigate the potential for changing the current scheduling format of the Varsity competition and eliminate the number of off days during the week.  A recommendation will be forthcoming from the Track Committee on both of these subjects.  Danielle also presented the financial report from the recently conducted championships showing receipts of $10,215 for the Junior High meet and $14,303 from the AA and AAA Varsity meets, for a total of $24,518.

§         Boys Volleyball (Maureen Williams):  Maureen reviewed the format for the Boys’ Volleyball tournament and the scheduling adjustments that were required this year due to conflicts in the time and day for some member schools.

§         Girls’ Soccer (Vito Quaglia):  The District Championships are underway and moving along smoothly.

§         Lacrosse (Frank Majikes):  Our schools involved in Lacrosse had a very successful competitive season.

§         Baseball (Frank Majikes):  The District Championships are currently underway.  Again, scheduling has been a troubling area as schools have worked out potential conflicts in school activities, etc.  Frank announced that PNC Field is not available for the championship games due to repair work on the outfield grass.

§         Softball (Dino Galella):  The District Championships are currently underway.  The committee is currently working on sites for their championship games.

§         Golf (Ray Lowery):  The format for the District Championships in the Fall of 2009 were presented to the Committee.  The District II Individual Golf Championships will be held on Monday, October 5, 2009 at Elmhurst Country Club; the Team Championships will be held on Friday, October 9, 2009 at Fox Hill Country Club.

ITEM 7            Chairman Majikes reviewed the schedule of the Spring State Sports’ Workshops to be held at the PIAA Offices on Wednesday-Friday, June 17-19th.

                        Wednesday, June 17th Parents Advisory                      7 p.m.

                        Thursday, June 18th                  Tennis                                      10 a.m.

                                                                        Track                                       10 a.m.

                                                                        Volleyball                                 Noon

                                                                        Lacrosse                                  Noon

                                                                        Baseball and Softball                2 p.m.

                        Wednesday, June 19th              Officials’ Council                      8 a.m.

                                                                        Girls’ Athletics              10 a.m.

                                                                        Sportsmanship                          10 a.m.

                                                                        Junior High                               Noon

                                                                        Private Schools             Noon

                                                                        Athletic Directors                      2 p.m.

ITEM 8Chairman Majikes reviewed correspondence he has received from Tunkhannock requesting that the District II Committee hold a meeting to discuss concerns that Tunkhannock has in regard to its athletic relations with Pittston Area.  Chairman Majikes will contact the Tunkhannock principal and report back to the committee.

ITEM 9            Chairman Majikes announced the appointment of Richard Orlowski as the new School Board Representative on the District II Committee as named by the Pennsylvania School Boards’ Association.  Richard will assume his duties as of July 1, 2009.  The Committee presented a gift and much thanks to Ray Lowery for his years of service to the District II Committee as the School Board Representative.

ITEM 10          Chairman Majikes reviewed a request for the submission of revised enrollment figures by District II member school, Western Wayne High School, for the 2009-2010 school year, that would change their classification in both Football and Boys’ Track from AAA to AA.  The school had made an error in the calculation of their enrollment figures.  A motion was made by Mike Ognosky, seconded by Tom Jenkins, to approve the request as submitted.  All Ayes

This matter will now be presented to the PIAA State Committee for final action.